Monday, February 7, 2011

Copyright Protection

Should originators of work on the Internet have the same protection as creators in other media?

I chose this topic because I feel that copyrighting is a big deal on the Internet. Whether or not something is copyrighted could mean someone using someone else's work to better themselves. You could create a site that makes you money, but if its not copyrighted, then it might as well be up for grabs and anyone could be making your money.

I think that in many cases, this topic pertains especially to websites that include other media, such as Youtube or art websites. If those works are not copyrighted, then people out there on the Internet could claim their works as their own. If it were my work on the Internet, I wouldn't want someone to be able to call it theirs. Its mine and I would want all the credit for it. I think that the website itself and the work(s) that are included on it, should be copyrighted.

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