Monday, February 21, 2011

Apps Beyond Mobile

I chose 'Apps Beyond Mobile' because I'm interested in the idea of having the same app options for mobile devices for computers. While the Mozilla Firefox-based apps doesn't have much to offer, the Mac App Store has most, if not all, of the apps you can find on the iPhone or iTouch. The only downfall of the Mac App Store is that its only available for Mac users.

I think this trend will be popular in 2011 because its something that Mac users can utilize without having to need an iPhone or iTouch. The Mozilla Firefox apps could always expand their app store which would be excellent for Windows users to have. The app area is growing more popular with each new app, and these catalogs for apps are just the thing to get them out to the public in 2011.


  1. ok how are u doing everybody has a fone im curious to see what the new era comes up with thats out of this world

  2. I agree with you! Having apps available for everyone on multiple devices would be more convenient than what is happening now. I don't have an iPhone but would love to be able to use some apps that they offer. Someday possibly!!

  3. With the long awaited verizon adaptation of the iphone, I'm going to agree it's going to be a big trend for 2011. Even though apps have continued to push the envelope for the past few years anyway