Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Do you work harder when someone is watching? Ethics & Issues 11-1

I think people do word harder when someone is watching because they are afraid to mess up or get out of line (such as a work setting). The Hawthorne Effect explains this thoroughly. With the conduction of the Hawthorne Effect, people worked harder while being watched. This observation may not be very ethical, but I think it depends on how the people are being observed. If your boss is hanging around watching you work, as long as its not for hours at a time, I don't see a problem with. On the other hand, someone watching you on a camera may be an invasion of privacy. If productivity increases during observation, it may be a good data gathering system because then everyone is doing their job and doing it well.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Search Sleuth

Using Google, I found the answers to these questions: Which five words are among the most commonly used passwords? The top five passwords are '123456', '12345', '123456789', 'Password', and 'iloveyou'. (Found here)

What do e-mail messages with the subject lines "Sending You All My Love", "Laughing Kitty", and "You've Received a Postcard from a Family Member" all have in common? These subject lines for e-mails probably all contain a virus. (Found here)

T'ai chi, yoga, and the Alexander technique might offer some relief to computer users suffering from which injury? These three remedies can offer relief to computer users who suffer from repetitive strain injuries. (Found here)

For which purpose is a gas discharge arrestor used? Gas discharge arrestors are used to 'provide protection against voltage and current surges in electronic and electrical equipment'. (Found here)

How many computers in the business world have antivirus software that has been disabled or never was installed propoerly? I couldn't find an exact answer for this, but I found that a new virus has already disabled 8.9 million computers, which probably means more computers are becoming diabled everyday. (Found here)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Ethics & Issues 5 - 2

If we had constant monitoring by face recognition systems, I don't think I would mind. If it can make things simpler, like going through the airport, then I'm all for it. I don't think it would be as invasive, in terms of privacy, as some other systems may be.

I feel that it really depends on the type of criminal that should be identified by a face recognition system. I think the most important criminals that could be detained by face recognition system would be criminals that are on the run, such as people who have just robbed a house or a convenience store. That way, if they try to flee to a busy place to be hidden by a crowd, they could be apprehended.

I'd be really mad if I were wrongly detained because of a mistake made by the face recognition system. The system should be fool-proof enough not to make those mistakes. I could understand a mistake here and there, but not a couple every day.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Apps Beyond Mobile

I chose 'Apps Beyond Mobile' because I'm interested in the idea of having the same app options for mobile devices for computers. While the Mozilla Firefox-based apps doesn't have much to offer, the Mac App Store has most, if not all, of the apps you can find on the iPhone or iTouch. The only downfall of the Mac App Store is that its only available for Mac users.

I think this trend will be popular in 2011 because its something that Mac users can utilize without having to need an iPhone or iTouch. The Mozilla Firefox apps could always expand their app store which would be excellent for Windows users to have. The app area is growing more popular with each new app, and these catalogs for apps are just the thing to get them out to the public in 2011.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Copyright Protection

Should originators of work on the Internet have the same protection as creators in other media?

I chose this topic because I feel that copyrighting is a big deal on the Internet. Whether or not something is copyrighted could mean someone using someone else's work to better themselves. You could create a site that makes you money, but if its not copyrighted, then it might as well be up for grabs and anyone could be making your money.

I think that in many cases, this topic pertains especially to websites that include other media, such as Youtube or art websites. If those works are not copyrighted, then people out there on the Internet could claim their works as their own. If it were my work on the Internet, I wouldn't want someone to be able to call it theirs. Its mine and I would want all the credit for it. I think that the website itself and the work(s) that are included on it, should be copyrighted.

Monday, January 31, 2011

What I hope to get out of CSI 112

I'm hoping to re-learn how to efficiently use Windows computers since I've been using a Mac for 5 years now. Since a lot of people and places still use Windows, I'd like to make sure I can complete any task on either kind of computer. I'm also interested in learning all of the Office programs and features.